6 x 12 inches

Pumpkin and Leaves Still Life

pumpkin 2008.jpg

Pumpkin and Leaves – 6” x12” – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

This is another painting from the pumpkins and squash Steve and I got in October.

Over the weekend following Thanksgiving, I roasted pumpkins that were also gathered at the same time as the one in the painting was. This was my first time to make my own puree. It turned out easier than I had expected, two smallish pumpkins (together they weighted 6.4 lbs.) yielded enough pumpkin puree to make two pies, 16 pumpkin pancakes, and one more cup of pumpkin puree for a future recipe. Maybe pumpkin muffins…

Here is a photo of one of the pies.

Red, White, and Blue 4th of July

3 apples 6x12 2008.jpg

Three Apples in a Row – 6” x 12” Oil on Canvas Panel

Happy Fourth of July! Here is my red, white, and blue contribution to this wonderful day.

In the spirit of being patriotic, last night Steve and I started watching the HBO movie John Adams. Wow, it is really a great mini-series. Love Laura Linney as Abigail, she is a wonderful actress, and Paul Giamatti plays a convincing John Adams.

A few years ago I attended the Gilbert Stuart exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. One of the last paintings hung in this exhibit was the 1826 portrait of John Adams as a very old man. The inquisitive look and the way his hand clasps the handle of a cane really captures the razor sharp intellect and integrity of John Adams. I believe this may be one of the best portraits I have ever been lucky enough to see in person.