Still Life with Apple, Bowl, and Roses

11 2009 Rose and apple 8x8.jpg
Apple and Roses – 8" x 8" (20.3 x 20.3 cm) – Oil Canvas Panel
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Happy New Years!

It is with great excitement that I enter this new year! Are you full of ideas and plans for the coming new year?

I have always liked this time of year, the time to think about the past year and to set about planning for new things to come. Usually I reserve the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to set out my goals so I may jump into the new year with gusto, however this year I found myself struck with a very bad cold and only really recovering with a full bill of health yesterday. So I will use this first week to establish goals and set out benchmarks for the coming year.

Now that S. and I are settled into the new home {with some remaining boxes still unpacked in the corners of the living room and dining room}and my studio ready to get work done in, I am excited to get going. But before that, I want to share the last painting completed in the old studio. When I had to stop working on this piece because of the construction going on, I thought I would get back to it once settled in the new home. Though since unpacking and setting out the painting and looking at it again I realize I am happy with it and like it as a record of the last painting before the big change of an unplanned move took over my life during the end of November and all of December.

Here is to all the glorious changes that occurred at the end of 2009 and all the great things to come in the new decade.

Best wishes to you in this new year! Liz

Mangos Diptych

10 2009 mango diptych  4-5x11.jpg
Mangos: Ripe and Almost Ripe {diptych} – both together 4.5” x 11” (11.4 x 27.9 cm) –
Oil on Linen Panel

I am happy to say that today rained and thus the construction was unable to move forward today, so I had a somewhat sane day. The weather predicts it will rain tomorrow as well, so I am hopeful that the construction will not be able to go on tomorrow as well. So I can spend some stress free time in the studio.

Here is a painting I completed a little over a week ago. It is of one of my favorite subjects, mangos. I bought a box of them and I liked how there was varying ripeness found with the fruit. I have since diced them up and pureed them for future snacks and recipes.

I have had a busy day and ready to call it quits. Until next time, thanks for sharing time with me : )


Zinnias and Snap Dragons & a New Project

08 2009 zinnias and snap dragons 14x11.jpg
Zinnias and Snap Dragons -- 14" x 11" (35.5 x 28 cm) – Oil on Canvas
Available in my Etsy Shop

Hello friends ~

It is good to be back in the saddle again – that is working and painting away… The trip to Washington State was a good one, full of sunshine, wide open landscapes, and lots of food. While away I spent the majority of time musing about art and my process, investigating where it is working and what areas could be improved on. In the past when I have given myself room to think and mentally explore, large and small discoveries have been made that always further my life path. I guess it has a lot to do with being and the qualities of meditation.

The one big focus of my summer has been to refine my work schedule so that I am creating everyday and do not let this wonderful opportunity of being a full-time artist be wasted. After working in architecture for almost nine years and being miserable for the majority of the time due to lack of creative opportunities because the business of architecture is really 95% paper pushing (or being a mouse jockey) and if you are lucky 5% can be dedicated to true design. Because of this experience it is very important to me to make the most of this time and work so I never have to go back to architectural employment in a firm. But I digress… Through the summer when at home and in the studio I set a goal of producing daily paintings regularly (3-4 per week) and also completing larger more complicated compositions (2-3 per month). Because of the relative success of these goals and because I always view the beginning of the academic year as a time to start new projects I am going to implement a new goal. Over the next year I will work to complete 50 flower/bouquet still life paintings.

In order to make it a doable goal, the painting sizes will be moderate and designed to be completed in a day or two. This is important as flowers have a tendency to change as time goes by, either wilting or adjusting the blooms to be more upright and vertical. My goal with this series it to get more confident about painting complex shapes such as flowers and to speed up my painting skills without losing quality. I also want to improve my ability to capture detail while also finding ways to simplify the form in a convincing manner. And to kick off this new project, tomorrow is the first day of a five-day workshop with Danni Dawson dedicated to painting in her rose garden! I am really psyched about this coming week and hope to come away with a lot of new knowledge of how to tackle flowers. I love learning from Danni, she is by far the best instructor at the Art League in my opinion.

This painting is the first of this series. These flowers were picked up yesterday at the Old Town Farmer’s Market. Zinnias have been a favorite flower of mine for years. When in seventh grade I planted a small flower bed of zinnias in our front yard, the first time I ever exerted any effort of gardening, and I remember it as being a very big production for me. Removing sod, tilling in new topsoil and then having to wait for the seeds to germinate and grow. Looking back at the memory I realize that it was not a very large garden, but being the first it just seemed like it.

Apricots in a Rice Bowl Still Life

07 2009 apricots and bowl 8x8.jpg
Apricots in a Rice Bowl – 8" x 8" (20.3 x 20.3 cm)

Hello ~

I just finished this painting! Sometimes I get so excited when a painting is completed, immediately I photograph it and start blogging about it, this is one of those times. I worked with the square format again, I like its specific form and how it lends itself to compact composition.

Have a wonderful afternoon; I am going to start work on a new painting!


Peonies Still Life

06 2009 Peonies 11x14.jpg
Peonies – 11" x 14" (28 x 35.5 cm) – Oil on Canvas

Hello friends,

I am so happy it is June. The weather has been just gorgeous, with the sun being warm but not too hot, with enough of a breeze that I can keep the windows and patio door open and the house still staying cool. Last week I planted some Cosmos and some have already started to sprout, the other herbs and flowers are taking their time, but I am patient.

While enjoying the weather I have also been having some fun in the studio and I finished my peonies painting just in time because after I took my lunch break today, half of the petals fell off the front flowers. Phew!

When the weather is sunny and pleasant I always feel I am more productive. Does the weather affect you positively as well?

Have a wonderful afternoon, Liz