In the Studio


More organizing went on this week... On Tuesday's I attend class all day {9:30am to 6:30pm} and usually I am beat by the end of the day, this week after having a quick dinner I was eager to dive in and begin giving reason and method for how I store my supplies. The organization process continued onto today with the main brunt of the work being completed on Wednesday.

shelving next to desk and drafting table {clear glass, blue and green bottles and vases, and shop towels}

Next to my desk I moved in a simple book shelf to house the variety of clear and colored glass bottles I have been collecting over the past few years. I am also keeping an incomplete portrait on its top shelf to remind me that I need to get back to this painting and finish it.

This year I began to gather tin cans as containers for holding paint brushes and palette knives, I have also found they work great for holding solvent when I do not want to use the silicoil jar. The nearby drafting table has become a still life stand.

Shelf under the window {under the window}

Another shelf full of various dishware and bottles, including my brown bottle collection which has the two Chimay bottles from my last day of work as an architect lunch! That had to be the best day of my life, saying goodby to a career that had always been an emotional struggle to enjoy and embarking on my new life as a full time artist!

My taboret is from the container store and it has rolling wheels making it a lifesaver because of its flexibility.

Ikea shelving in the studio {the big shelving unit in the back of the studio}

This is what took up most of my time this week. I took everything off of this Ikea shelving unit and started from scratch, before sorting all the items, every shelf was overflowing, and I had a lot leaning against the front of it also. When things get disorganized, you need more space. I decided to sort the shelves by what they hold and to also assign shelves to what canvas size will fit. This helped me condense some of the shelves to free up shelves for the future. {I added specific notes to this photo on flickr}

On the far left shelves are binders dedicated to tear sheets, printed out open source books, and other art reference materials. I prefer to read things on paper and to highlight important and pertinent ideas, so the more important websites will sometimes get printed out for future reference and then are stored in these binders.

Here are a few links to what is in the binders: . Painting in France . Elements of Drawing . Drawing and Engraving . Water and Light . Handprint

In the Studio

Slim in the studio
{Slim sharing the morning with me}
Like the model stand? I have thought about getting something that is dedicated to just that, one that adjusts in height like what Carol Marine has, but then I realized that stacking various boxes works just as well, and the boxes double as storage for various studio supplies....
I am still working on paintings that will be unveiled later, keeping my busy and happy :) However I miss sharing new work with you, so here is a partially complete still life that has been on hold for the past three weeks.

{work in progress}

This mid-point phase is a good example of the new method I have been using, it entails working on specific areas of a painting and refining to a certain level before moving on to a new adjacent area. I plan on finishing the initial lay in of the painting and then go over it again, refining and adding greater detail and depth to the painting. A fellow classmate of mine asserts that for a painting to really gain the luminous quality that only oil paint can provide it must be worked on a minimum of three different times where the paint has had an opportunity to dry between each session.

I have been chewing on that idea a lot over the past few weeks, and have come to agree with her. Because there is something special that happens when you come back to a painting after a break, apply a fine layer of linseed oil to bring out the color and then lay in new paint. The painting begins to glow. I also think that the mind continues to ponder and work on the idea of the painting, so the subject matter becomes understood to a greater extent, and I feel the emotional harmony that first inspired me is more able to be translated into the painting.

Have a wonderful weekend, Liz

First Year Anniversary as a Full Time Artist!


Morning light on my desk

I am an artist... I am here to live out loud. Emile Zola

This is how I feel today. It has been a glorious day, great weather, good friends, and lots of time spent painting outside. Today is also my one year anniversary of being a full time artist! I feel so fortunate to be living this life, and having the support and encouragement to pursue art as a career.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and being there!


First day back in the studio...

20100104 first day ptg1.jpg

Hello Friends,

S. took this photo this afternoon when he got home from work. Today was the first day actually picking up my paint brushes and testing out the new studio space. The cart under the window with the folded up blanket is where Slim spent most of the afternoon napping, I love it when she keeps me company :)

I was working on a favorite subject, a pomagranate.

See you soon, Liz