First Plein Air of the Year

06 2009 the plains 8x10.jpg
The Plains – 8" x 10" (20 x 25 cm) – NFS

Happy weekend!

How has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty busy.

Yesterday I went out on a drive west of DC with my painting gear with the intention to visit the farm we purchased a CSA share from this summer and to do some painting. After visiting the farm, I drove into The Plains, VA to scout out a painting spot while there I took some time to be a tourist and visited some of the shops. There seems to be a nice art scene there and two shops were especially nice. At ZigZag I met Roberta Jeffries who had created some beautiful prints that were on display, the store had some nice pottery and art from local artists. Her daughter, Fleming Jeffries, also has a print studio in town. Then across the street I visited Live an Artful Life, where Linda Neel was in the shop, she is the owner and also a textile artist.

After being a tourist I found a view from a Baptist Church parking lot overlooking rolling fields and painted away for the next 2-1/2 hours. The first plein air painting of the year always means a lot to me. I’m not sure why so much emotional involvement with the first painting of the season, but each year the first one captures feelings that I feel balled up in my chest every time I look at one. And today I feel the same way looking at this little painting.

Today I have been working in the studio on a still life, it is getting near completion. Soon I will post about it. Until then, have a wonderful afternoon, Liz

Slim, our Abyssinian

slim 2008.jpg

Sketch of Slim – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

Slim is our Abysinnian cat, she is a wonderful and precocious companion. When the weather is good, she begs for walks and likes to be outside. Because she is a very small kitty, 6.5 lbs full grown (7 years old) we do not like to let her outside unattended. So she gets to go outside with a leash, which she handles very well, almost like a dog.

This painting was a memory exercise. She kept her pose for the few moments I could sketch it out, she then moved to another area on our patio. So with the initial sketch I completed this painting, and checking her out every so often to verify I got the right colors and values of her. It was a fun little experiement. This weekend is going to have good weather for a while, so I think I will try it out again… have a great weekend!

Here is a photo of Slim on a walk behind our apartment building

A Pet Portrait

My Abyssinian 2008.jpg

My Abyssinian Kitty – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

Yesterday I spoke about the still life I am working on, unfortunately it was too wet to complete the next step I had anticipated for today. Hopefully I will find time to work on it later this week to post it then when it is finished.

Instead today on Sunday I worked on other still lifes and this alla prima painting of my kitty, Slim. She is not crazy about getting photos taken of her, but she loves walks. And this image was taken of her just as she was trying to entice me to take her on a walk outside. It is my first true attempt at painting her, I really enjoyed it, and so I expect to paint other images of her in the future...

Thanks, Liz