Three Lemons

20120913-0056 three lemons1.jpg

Three Lemons on a Blue and White Dishtowel

{4" x 6" (10.2 x 15.2 cm) – oil on linen panel}

This painting is going home to a very special person, it was made especially for her after she shared with me that her favorite fruit were lemons. This painting was created in the late afternoon when the light coming in through the windows was touched with a golden sheen, making the lemons almost glow.

Do you have a special something you would like interpreted in paint? If so please feel free to contact me about your idea, contact [at] elizabethfloyd [dot] com.

Pansies and Saucer again {a new small floral painting}


Still Life with Pansies and Saucer

{8" x 6" (20.3 x 15.2 cm)) – oil on linen panel}

Sometimes I get the opportunity to revisit a previous composition for a collector. Today's painting was such an opportunity. I liken the experience to visiting with a friend, someone you like and know, and on this particular visit you get to learn something new, deeper, something that helps you admire and value the friend more than ever before.

The revisiting becomes an opportunity to ponder and absorb nuances that previously were overlooked, adding value and color to my life. While working on this painting I was struck with the sense of depth and the visual affect of the lighter areas of the saucer shining through the brown bottle, something I would not have been aware to look for if I had not returned to this composition.

I had such a great time creating this artwork for a special couple. Do you have a composition or image in mind that you would like me to re-capture for you in a painting? I would be happy to interpret it for you.