juried exhibition

Randy Higbee Gallery 6" Squared Exhibition

6x6 randy higbee gallery show.jpg

Next week opens a national juried exhibition held at the Randy Higbee Gallery in southern California and I am pleased to share with you that one of my little floral paintings was accepted into the show! Still Life with Freesias, Bottle, and Bowl was one of the 400 paintings selected out of 1200+ submitted pieces.

The artist reception will be held on April 16th, and the show will run until May 6th. If you happen to be in the area please stop by and see the show, I am certain it will be a fantastic grouping of artistic talent.

Have a wonderful weekend, Liz

Still Life with Bird Nest & Bottle

20101010 Birdnest and Bottle 14x11{Still Life with Bird Nest and Bottle} 14" x 11" (35.6 x 28 cm) - Oil on Linen

This year, I am participating in the Allied Artists of America 97th Annual Juried Exhibition. My painting, Still Life with Bird Nest and Bottle, will be part of this exhibit, on display from November 12th through November 30th at the National Arts Club.

Please stop in to show your support for this historic art institution, and for the talented artists chosen for this year's event. The National Arts Club is located at 15 Gramercy Park South in Manhattan, and is open M, W-F 10-12pm & 3-5pm, Tues 2-5pm. Hope to see you there.

New Work Delivered

New Still Life Series
{new still life series}

Yesterday I delivered these eight paintings to Shooting Star Gallery in Suffolk, VA in preparation for a group show, "Food for Thought... ". This series has been my main focus for the past four weeks. The show opens on August 28th, and the reception will be held on Saturday, September 18, from 5:30 to 7:30pm. I will post more information about the individual paintings once the show opens.

Before driving to Suffolk yesterday morning I hung the series in my living room to get an idea of how they may look in a home. Sometimes I get myopic when looking at my paintings on the easel and find it is important to view a painting in a different setting. I think these would look lovely in a dining room...

This week has been wonderful, getting this series completed, delivered to the gallery, and receiving the good news that my painting "Fresh Peaches" has been accepted into the Audubon Artists Annual Juried Show, which will be held in NYC at the Salmagundi Club Galleries on 5th Avenue in September. So this fall I will be in back to back shows in the big apple, this one and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Annual Open Exhibition in October.

With all that is in the works, I am eager to start something new, and to pursue some new ideas that appeared last night when I was trying to go to sleep. I was so tired yesterday but unable to unwind and fall asleep... Does this ever happen to you? New ideas, concepts just start popping into your head and they seem so great that you are distracted and must stay awake alittle longer to think about them more. Well that was my night last night, hopefully tonight I will fall directly asleep.

Have a wonderful evening and weekend,



Still Life with Pears and Daffodils

20100406 Daffodils and Pears 24x18
Daffodils and Pears – 24" x 18" (61 x 45.7 cm) – Oil on Canvas

Happy Friday! This weekend is the long awaited 20th Year High School Reunion for S. I am really looking forward to meeting so many of his former high school friends, and I anticipate the weekend will be busy.

And going into the weekend I received great news from the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club that the painting above was accepted into the 114th Annual Open Juried Exhibition that will take place in October in New York City! I had shown a work in progress image previously however I never got around to sharing the completed painting with you.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading,


PS. Slim has been helping me write this blog post, really she has been hindering me as she insists on sitting on my arms.

Almost Complete & Some Good News...

201005 Pitcher and Apples WIP1.jpg
{Almost finished ~ Pitcher and Apples ~ 18x24 inches}

Here is the entire painting of the detail I shared last week. I am planning on fiddling with it a little more, refining a few areas and to wait for a really sunny afternoon so I can really observe and capture the fascinating highlights that reflect the studio window. Today has been a luxury in that I have stayed home working on this painting and planning future ones. The weeks have been flying by since April as I am enrolled in three different figure/portrait painting classes and one online landscape class. I have been just trying to keep afloat with attending classes and completing the homework. Oh well, you never you’re your limits until you reach beyond them… For the summer term my schedule will not be so full!

In the midst of all this I have also been sending in submissions to various juried exhibitions and competitions and this month three of my paintings have been accepted into two different shows. In June two of my paintings, Figs and Pomegranate on a Wooden Crate will be exhibited at the Rawls Museum Arts, and in July Three Apples on a Wooden Crate will be part of the Salmagundi Club Annual Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition in New York City. I am pretty excited about both shows as I have been entering a lot of them this year and have had on and off success. So my thoughts are to keep entering shows and make the most of all opportunities available, as you never know when a painting will capture the eye of a juror, the Three Apples painting has been turned down from other shows only be selected for the Salmagundi Club show.

I will see you tomorrow to share some of the recent work from my figure painting class.

Too Hot to Loiter

08 2009 too hot to loiter 20x16.jpg
Too Hot to Loiter – 20” x 16” (50.8 x 40.6 cm) – Oil on Canvas
This painting was completed last week; it is one of the three large paintings started in July. And yesterday it was selected into the Eighth Annual “Something Hot” Regional Juried Show held at Gallery 222 in Leesburg, VA. I am pleased it is included in the show and somewhat relieved. I had expectations of having to return to the gallery to fetch it because it did not make the cut. I always try to enter shows with this expectation so as not to be too disappointed and if I am fortunate to be selected to really feel a sense of pleasure and excitement for the inclusion.

Last night the juror, Michael Davis, gave a presentation of what drew him to make the selections he did. His discussion was very good, though not everyone in the audience was very pleased with his choices. One unfortunate lady was quite sad and before the discussion started she was heard sobbing outside of the area where we were all assembled. Michael’s main point of what he used to qualify his choices had to do with the blending of technical skill with the expression of emotional content. He did not limit his selections to just realistic paintings, but instead applied the idea to all styles and mediums. The variety of mediums included pottery, sculpture, photography, pastel, watercolor, and oil paintings. Ted Reed also has a beautiful painting of his daughter in the show

This painting has been an incubated idea for some time. I drew a charcoal sketch of it last year sometime and then this summer worked on other versions of composition before settling on this design. The goal was to really emphasize the quality of the hot space before and around the table and plastic chairs in contrast to the colonnade that is in deep shade. The sense that this may be a pleasant place to hang out in the evening, but during the mid-day it is totally oppressive from the heat of the sun.