Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Sessions 3 & 4

20130102 van-gogh-roses-1{end of third session}

I have been to the NGA two times since I last shared an update on this copy.

20130102 van-gogh-roses-2 {blocked in with yellow ochre}

For the third session, I brought in the full-size linen canvas to get a new copyist permit after the 8 x 10 study was completed. I blocked in the composition with thinned yellow ochre, making sure my scale was correct as this copy is a bit smaller than the original painting.

20130102 van-gogh-roses-3

For the fourth session, I began the laying in of the actual painting. As Van Gogh painted in the alla prima method, which means his work was usually executed in one painting session, I must work to complete the area I am working on within the day I start in that area.

In order to keep with the expression and gesture of Van Gogh’s work, I want to minimize the amount of going back and correcting as I can.

20130102 van-gogh-roses-3a

With this in mind, I choose to begin in the middle of the composition and to work out.

20130102 van-gogh-roses-5 {end of fourth session}