Apple Slices and Blue Willow, 6 x 6 inches


Apple Slices and Blue Willow

Apple Slices and Blue Willow

Since beginning the commission to copy Van Gogh’s Roses at the NGA in November, I have been asked if this experience has influenced my own work… and my answer is YES!

I have noticed that I am laying down thicker layers of paint, more impressionistic brushwork, and loosening up some.

This painting is the first of three paintings completed that exhibit all of these characteristics {as did this month's Bountiful Observations painting}. It has been fun to think about painting in this way, as it asks me to think in a more determined and definitive way, much like when I am drawing with pen and ink. Every mark I make must be correct and with limited room for correcting and refining.

Personally, I love the refined and realistic painting manner that is more associated with Dutch masters, and I know my temperament leans that way because I love the sense of calm that hyper-realism can evoke over the fevered energy of the post-impressionistic style of Van Gogh.

However, there is much to be said about getting out of your comfort zone, and trying new things… and this is what I am trying to do.  And I am loving it!!!

.................................................. SOLD {6" x 6" (15.2 x 15.2 cm) – oil on linen panel}

Culled, soldElizabeth Floyd